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"Melting Snow! It's been a long winter!" - Posted: April 13, 2014

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Welcome to the Town of Elliston, NL (Canada)

Root Cellars

The Elliston Community Website (est. 2000) welcomes you to our virtual representation of our town! Our goal is the general promotion of our community as well as the preservation of our heritage. Although still billed as the Root Cellar Capital of the World, our little town has grown beyond its root cellar fame (See below*). Today Elliston is becoming better known for its larger tourism value including puffin colony, scenic Maberly (picturesque community within the municipality of Elliston), Puffin Festival, Roots, Rants & Roars Festival (See Special Annaul Events), craft shops and even eagles!

Another of the community’s assets is Sandy Cove. Here we have a beautiful sandy beach and located just across the road is Elliston’s Municipal Park with camping facilities. Also next door is the Gary Baker Memorial Campground with raised platforms for pitching tents. This is all within walking distance of the puffin site. All throughout the area there is magnificent scenery with excellent ocean vistas especially in the previously mentioned Maberly. Sometimes, during the spring, we are treated to icebergs off our shores and during the summer a variety of whales can be seen around our coastline.

However, bigger things are on the horizon. Millions of dollars have been raised for a memorial to the Sealing Disasters of 1914, under the patronage of the Hon. John Crosbie (former Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador), that will consist of a state of the art interpretation centre and a memorial statue overlooking the sea. This centre is scheduled to open in 2014.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to our town.


*Note: Our previous web address, www.rootcellars.com, hosted the community site from September 25th, 2000 to March 31st, 2013. This website/address became its official successor on the latter date.



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Community Support


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Memorial Statue

Currently under construction by renowned bronze sculptor and visual artist Morgan MacDonald, this sculpture will be a representation of father and son Reuben and Albert John Crewe, residents of Elliston who perished in the 1914 SS Newfoundland Sealing Disaster.


A world class interpretation centre is also currently under construction, in Elliston, to open in 2014.

Sealing Memorial

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Puffin Viewing Site

Elliston has one of the closest land views of puffins with hundreds of nesting pairs. This site is only a short walk from the main road and it provides some spectator views of these colourful sea birds. Best of all it is 100% FREE!


Puffins return to the site in May and stay until late in September.

Flying Puffin

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Puffin Ventures Crafts

Elliston is also becoming known for its unique crafts and local crafts people. One craft store, in particular, comes highly recommended - Puffin Ventures.


It is a small old fashion type of craft store that is less than a two minute drive past the local puffin viewing site. So if you would like to view some unique items, at the best price in town, it is a great place to go.

Puffin Ventures

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