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Puffin Ventures Craft Shop

Located in the Scenic Maberly Loop (now part of Elliston), Puffin Ventures Craft Shop is one of those old fashion stores that you don’t see much of anymore. It has been built along the old style pattern of shops that once existed throughout Newfoundland. There are even old fashion items decorating the shop that remind one of an era gone by.


This little shop is a few minutes’ drive past the municipal park in Sandy Cove and just up the road from the nearby puffin viewing site. It has become known for unique and local crafts. Here you will find items that you will see nowhere else and better prices than at similar shops.


So if you would like to view some unique items during your visit to the Elliston area it is a great place to go.


While at Puffin Ventures Craft Shop check out the Puffin Train. It is a large mock-up of a train from the fictional puffin railroad featuring the Puffin Express. These cartoon like train cars have both puffin staff and passengers. There is even one empty spot that serves as the perfect location for a person to include themselves as a passenger on the Puffin Express. It is a must see for the visitor that desires a fun, light hearted souvenir photo and it’s free! If you like puffins it is surely something worth looking at!


Check out Puffin Ventures' website @ Puffin Ventures Craft Shop.


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Home From The Ice Floes Craft Shop

Email Home From The Ice Floes Craft Shop

8 Main Street

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0


Home From The Ice Floes Craft Shop Website Click Here.


Opening May 2017




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The Meems' Elliston B&B

Email The Meems' Elliston B&B

5 Catalina Road

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-1338 or 8399


For their website Click Here.


For their Facebook site Click Here.


There is also a yoga centre at the Meems' Elliston B&B, run by an accredited yoga instructor.




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Elliston Municipal Park

Email Town of Elliston

P.O. Box 115

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-2649

Open from late June to early September. It has 9 serviced lots and reasonable rates.


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