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Hurricane Igor struck the Elliston area on the morning of Tuesday, September 21st, 2010. More than 197 mm of rain fell up until 1:30 PM when the measuring equipment stop functioning. Significant rainfall continued beyond that point and wind speed was in the range of 155 km/h or more. It was the worst storm to hit Elliston in recorded history! In addition to "The Hurricane Igor" section we have the following:


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Hurricane Igor 2010


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"Hurricane Igor 2010"


Below you will see videos taken during and after the hurricane. In addition there are several photos that were taken during Igor on the September 21st.


Here are some photos of from that day. Click to enlarge.






Hurricane Igor - Road/Bridge Wash out (Elliston)





Hurricane Igor - Flood in Elliston 2010





Hurricane Igor - Road/Bridge after the collapse





Hurricane Igor - Flooding on Bonavista Road (Elliston)





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