Poetry - Ross Pearce



Olden School Years
When pupils attended school About fifty years ago The hardships they endured That's not yet been told The schools that they attend Were very poor you know Their structures could not take it To keep out the wind and cold To heat these schools were impossible With one pot-bellied stove The wood they usually had to bring Had to be handled with a glove In winter pupils left their homes A few junks in their arms No roads were then ploughed Just face the snow and storms When they did get to school They would light the fire but then It would take about an hour For the heat to comfort them The modern schools built today With facilities of every kind The pupils do not suffer Same as in olden times There are buses taking them to school And it's so warm within They do not have to rub their hands To bring the life in them When pupils got their education In these hard times of old T'was drilled well within them They would never let it go There is an old saying When things are very hard to get You feel better when you get them This you don't forget.


Ross Pearce (1916-2001) Maberly Resident


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