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World War One

For Newfoundland, the Great War or World War One was an event that had a widespread impact. It was a global conflict that pitted Britain and her allies against Germany and her allies. With the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, Britain welcomed the support of its former colonies. The Dominion of Newfoundland answered the call and volunteers were forthcoming from all parts including Elliston.


Several Elliston men enlisted in the Newfoundland Regiment (later Royal Newfoundland Regiment or RNR) for King and Country. Its best-known exploit was its participation in the disastrous Battle of the Somme on July 1st, 1916. Specifically, the Newfoundland force was to reinforce other British battalions once they breached the German positions at Beaumont Hamel. The engagement did not go as planned and these battalions failed to break the enemy lines. Their leaders believed these units had not suffered a complete failure, and through a series of misunderstandings, including the misinterpretation of a German flare for a British signal, the Newfoundland Regiment was ordered over the top. Before the Regiment could advance, they had to move over British ground and file through gaps in their own barbed wire that unfortunately provided excellent aiming points for German machine gunners. Of the 780 men who went forward only 68 were available for roll call the following day.


Others served in the Royal Naval Reserve (R. Naval R.), Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit (NOFU), American Army, Canadian Army and Merchant Navy.


The Discovery Shooting Club recreated a section of WWI era trench at their shooting range and it is certified to actually fire real firearms from it. The club also supported living history demonstrations with volunteer interpreters dressed in Royal Newfoundland Regiment uniforms under the heading of the Great War Living History Committee (2014-2018). They took part in the “After Beaumont Hamel - Signal Hill First World War Encampment” weekend that was held in August 2016 at Signal Hill in St. John’s with Parks Canada. The Discovery Shooting Club sponsored group officially ceased to operate in 2018.


For additional information on the insignias, uniforms and weapons used by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment check out these links: Symbols & Insignia and also Weapon/Equipment.


Below is a list of Elliston men, or men with an Elliston connection, with some additional information on each.


     Medal For Bravery
Pte. M. Baker   RNR # 3835    
Pte. J. Burt   Can. Army #2655602    
Pte. A. Chaulk   Can. Army #3105672    
Pte. A. Chaulk   RNR #2208    
Pte. I.J. Chaulk   RNR # 2271 (KIA)  
Pte. L. Chaulk   RNR # 3999    
Smn. R. Chaulk   R. Naval R. #2763X (KIA)  
Pte. W.J. Chaulk   Can. Army #3181727    
Pte. W.J. Chaulk   RNR # 3376    
Cpl. M. Clouter   U.S. Army #2784220    
Pte. T.E. Clouter   RNR # 5014    
Pte. E.L. Cole   RNR # 195 (KIA)  
Pte. T. Cole   Can. Army    
Pte. T.J. Coles   Can. Army (KIA)  
Pte. W.J. Coles   Can. Army    
Pte. E. Crewe   Can. Army    
Pte. G. Crewe   RNR # 3451    
Pte. H. Crewe   Can. Army    
Pte. O. Goodland   RNR # 1834     Won at Gueudecourt
L/Cpl. C.J. Gough      RNR # 893 (KIA)  
J. Gough   Forestry U. #8123    
Pte. N. Gough   RNR # 1918     Won at Keiberg Ridge
Pte. J. Hicks   RNR # 6007    
Pte. J. Hobbs   Can. Army    
Pte. S. Hobbs   Can. Army    
Pte. J. Hollahan   RNR # 1133 (KIA)  
L/Cpl. T. Murphy   RNR # 2708 (KIA)  
Smn. J. T. Porter   R. Naval R.    
S. G. Stead   Merchant N.    
Pte. G. Stead   Can. Army    
Pte. L. Stead   RNR # 3895    
Cpl. W. Stead   Can. Army     Won at Unknown
Pte. C. Tilley   RNR # 3890    
Pte. H. Trask   RNR # 3156 (KIA)   Won at Ledeghem
Pte. W.N. Trask   RNR # 4000    
Pte. A. Tucker   RNR # 5047    
Pte. T. Tucker   RNR # 4778    
Pte. E. Wade   RNR # 1917 (KIA)  
Military Medal







1914-15 Star







War Medal







Victory Medal











Lee Enfield No.1 Mark III* (.303)
Rifle of the Newfoundland Regiment


U.S. Victory Medal




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