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World War Two

Unlike World War One, the Second World War had a physical presence at Elliston. In fact, the community was home to a Radio Detachment located at Mark’s Path during World War Two. Its purpose was to monitor the area for signs of a possible German invasion that many believed was an immediate threat. The threat was so real that military personnel were seen at Sandy Cove beach filling sandbags for use at the station.


Newfoundlanders, Americans and Canadians were concerned that the Germans were going to get a foothold in North America. Newfoundland would have made an excellent base to launch such an invasion, and there is at least one case of a U-boat (Submarine) that put ashore an automated weather unit to relay information on the coast of Labrador. Initially, the Mark’s Path site was under the control of American personnel however, in November 1944, they were relieved by Canadian forces. The site was closed on October 1st, 1945. See a Fisherman's Advocate Article about this base by Clicking Here.


Additional photographs are available under the “Photo Archive” tab or Click Here.


Unlike in WWI Newfoundland did not send an infantry regiment overseas. Rather a unit was formed within British Royal Artillery, which grouped all of its recruits from Newfoundland and Labrador into two regiments named for their country. The 166th (Newfoundland) Field Regiment served in Britain, North Africa, and Italy; the 59th (Newfoundland) Heavy Regiment defended England’s coastline for three years before fighting in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Before the war ended, some 2,343 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians fought with the Royal Artillery.


Other served in other branches of the military and also with the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit (NOFU). Here is a little information regarding those men who made the trip to Scotland to cut lumber for the war effort from Gary Crewe. (Click Here)


Below is a list of people connected to Elliston in WWII.


Boyd Baker   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Clarence R. Baker      Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Arthur Chant   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Arthur Chaulk   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Raymond Chaulk   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Thomas Chaulk   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Samson Cole   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Lewis C. Crewe   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Wilson A. Crewe   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Ezekiel Gough   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
John Hill   Royal Artillery (NFLD)
Wm. J. Murphy   Royal Artillery (NFLD)


Clarence Baker   Canadian Army
Thomas Chaulk   Canadian Army
W.G. Chaulk         Canadian Army
Samson G. Crewe   Canadian Army
D. James Gough   Canadian Army
Lionel Porter   Canadian Army


Hubert Tucker              U.S. Army



James Baker                U.S. Air Corp.
James Tucker   U.S. Air Corp.


George Burt   Royal Navy
Curtis Crewe   Royal Navy
Jacob Crewe   Royal Navy
Lloyd Cullimore   Royal Navy
John Gough   Royal Navy
Ralph Gough   Royal Navy
Sylvester Gough         Royal Navy
Kador Oldford   Royal Navy
Frederick Rogers        Royal Navy
Archibald Way   Royal Navy


Richard Oldford             Royal Canadian Navy
Abel Stead   Royal Canadian Navy


George Crewe              Merchant Navy


Howard Baker   Royal Air Force (Ferry Command)
Raymond B. Cole         Royal Air Force
W.J. Goodland   Royal Air Force
Rex Tilley   Royal Air Force
Clarence Trask   Royal Air Force
Donald R. Trask   Royal Air Force
Joseph L. Trask   Royal Air Force


Helen B. Cole   Royal Canadian Air Force (Woman's Division)
William J. Goodland    Royal Canadian Air Force


Donald Abbott   Forestry Unit
Joseph Abbott   Forestry Unit
Clarence Baker   Forestry Unit
Heber Baker   Forestry Unit
Arthur Chant   Forestry Unit
Samson Cole   Forestry Unit
Jacob Crewe   Forestry Unit
Samson G. Crewe   Forestry Unit
Thomas H. Crewe   Forestry Unit
Thomas E. Goodland   Forestry Unit
John Gough   Forestry Unit
Ralph Gough   Forestry Unit
Thomas Keats   Forestry Unit
Herbert Murphy   Forestry Unit
John Pearce   Forestry Unit
Lionel Porter   Forestry Unit
George Stead   Forestry Unit
William A. Tilley   Forestry Unit
Clarence Trask   Forestry Unit
Heber Trask   Forestry Unit
Archibald Way   Forestry Unit



WWII Newfoundland & Canadian Medals

NL Medal


Can. Medal



WWII British Medals

1939/45 Star


Africa Star


Italy Star


Atlantic Star


ACE Star


F. & G. Star


Def. Medal


War Medal




WWII United States Medals

Good Conduct






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