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Maberly's Scenic Loop

Perhaps the area’s best kept secret is an unknown gem depicting an old time Newfoundland community settled in the 19th century. Known as Muddy Brook until 1905, the scenic settlement of Maberly including the way leading into it is indeed such a gem. Unfortunately, many visitors who frequent the puffin viewing site turn around at that point depriving themselves of our area’s best scenery.


Attempts were made at resettling Maberly by enticing people to relocate to Elliston where there was already electricity. However, some refusued to leave. Today it only consists of about a dozen homes with five permanent households, however, that number increases during the summertime. The short 1KM drive from the puffin site to the actual Maberly Loop is filled with the region’s best and most accessible root cellars. Our best known cellars (Upstairs/Downstairs Cellars built 1915) are located on the way. The coastal scenery is fantastic with an excellent view of South Bird Island home to hundreds of seabirds. In the summertime all sorts of whales frolic in the waters and some of this action was captured on video below.


Just before you enter the actual Maberly Loop (aka Circular Rd.) there is small lookout that was once designated “Maberly Provincial Park.” Although no longer a Provincial Park the site remains a beautiful one with flowers and a picnic site on a raised wooden platform. Old fashion demonstration gardens are likewise at this location. Some visitors make the mistake of turning back at this point missing the loop entirely which is a real shame.


Upon entering the loop and proceeding right you encounter a rather unique site – The Puffin Train! It is a sizable mock-up featuring puffins as the passengers/crew and many a visitor has stopped for an unusual photo to take home. At this site is a small craft store, the Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop, which is an example of the old style shops that once existed throughout Newfoundland. In addition to a variety of locally made artwork, folkart and crafts there are several old fashion items decorating the shop that remind one of an era gone by. Also on display there is the trophy seen in the movie The Grand Seduction that was partially filmed at Maberly.


As you go further around the loop you can see the vast berry hills that have provided income and delicious jams for generations. As you continue along the loop you will pass Maberly’s Government Well that some people still use for their drinking water. If you want a drink you will have to lower the bucket, tip it into the water, and pull it back to the surface with a rope as people have done for generations. Near the sea is the beginning of the Maberly to Little Catalina Trail that is the area's premier trail stretching 16.5 KM through some amazing scenery. Next to the sea is a large recreated fish flake that was once a common sight throughout the area. Part of The Grand Seduction was filmed at the flake and nearby homes. While at this location you can see all the little coves that fishermen used back in the day. The rocks and sea make for a fanciful sight! In recent years this area has become home to the Roots, Rants and Roars Fall Festival’s food hike that encompasses the entire loop.


Below is a video that gives you a feel for the Maberly Loop as well as the short drive to it from the puffin site.



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