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Situated in the Scenic Maberly Loop



The Puffin Train

Elliston (Maberly) doesn’t just have puffins it has a train load of them! The Puffin Train is quite a sight that you will not see anywhere else. It is located at at Maberly, a short distance past the well-known Puffin Viewing Site.


The train is a large mock-up from the fictional puffin railroad featuring the Puffin Express. These cartoon like train cars have both puffin staff and passengers with a caboose at the corner of the Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop. Is there any room left on the Puffin Express? Yes there is and it makes for an excellent photo opportunity. The train has an empty place in one of the train cars that makes a great spot to include yourself as a passenger on this extraordinary spectacle. It is a must see for the visitor that desires a fun, light hearted souvenir photo and it’s free! If you like puffins it is surely something worth looking at!


While taking in this unusual attraction be sure to view the beautiful scenery in and around Maberly where both the train and craft shop are located. It is well worth the two minute drive past the puffin site.


Don’t leave this area saying you saw the puffins but missed the Puffin Train!




The Grand Seduction (Film Site At Maberly)

A movie, The Grand Seduction, was partially filmed (shooting day 13 of 40) at Maberly on Wednesday, August 15th, 2012. It was a joint Newfoundland and Quebec production (Morag Loves Seduction and Films Max). When in Maberly check in at the Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop for directions to locations used during filming. The trophy prop actually used in the film is on display.


Below you will see some photos and video that was taken during filming. The movie was released in 2013. See for details.








The Grand Seduction Photos

Here are some photos of from that day. Click to enlarge.




The Grand Seduction filming at Maberly Aug. 15th, 2012.


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