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Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop

20 Circular Rd. (Maberly)

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0


The Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop offers a unique collection of handmade items that are made locally. Take note of our large “Locally Made Crafts” sign placed proudly over our main door. If you are looking for mass produced items from factories overseas, we can't help you.


We are located in scenic Maberly, just past the Puffin Site, and our craft store is one of those old fashion stores that you don’t see anymore. It has been built along the old-style pattern of stores that once existed throughout Newfoundland.


For the Puffin Souvenir Craft Shop Website Click www.puffincrafts.com.


Home From The Ice Floes Craft Shop

Home From The Ice Floes Craft Shop

8 Main Street

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-1844


Collins Quick Stop

Local Tel: (709) 468-7581


The Puffin's Nest

Local Tel:(unknown)


Home From the Sea John C. Crosbie Sealers Interpretation Centre


Local Tel: (709) 476-3003


The Elliston Adventure

Local Tel: (709) 468-7117




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Target Adventures Elliston

Discovery Shooting Club (Catalina Rd.)

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0


Elliston is the smallest community, in the province of NL, to have its own approved shooting range and a partial replica of WWI era trench! So, if you are in the area and looking for a special experience give target shooting a try. We are family friendly and provide safety training.


For our website click Visit Target Adventures Elliston.



Discovery Geopark

Bonavista Peninsula

Local Tel: (709) 468 7789


For our website click Discovery Geopark.


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Sea Breeze Takeout

Sandy Cove Beach

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-2255



The Puffin Café

7-9 Sandy Cove Rd.

Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-2600



Nanny's Root Cellar Kitchen

177 Main Elliston, NL

A0C 1N0

Local Tel: (709) 468-5050





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Bird Island Inn B&B


Toll Free: 1-866-346-2473


Mountain Ridge Cabins

Local Tel: (709) 468-4764


Elliston Vacation Homes

Local Tel: (709) 470-8533


Island View Cabins

Local Tel: (709) 468-1422


Coles Vacation Home

Local Tel: (709) 747-8078


Meems Elliston B&B

Local Tel: (709) 468-1338


Norder Cove Guest House

Local Tel: Unknown


Elliston Municipal Park/Camping

Local Tel: (709) 468-2649



For a printable map of the Elliston/Maberly area Click Here but you will need Adobe Reader.





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