Black Powder Antique Package - $59.99


Here is your opportunity to fire a real black powder antique rifle. The Snider Enfield was the British Army's first general issue breech loading rifle that was adopted in 1866 replacing the 1853 rifled musket. Specifically, we have an 1868 dated example that was built as a musket and converted to a breech loader. In this format it is known as the Snider Mark II** pattern rifle and fires the .577 Snider (black powder) cartridge. The muzzle loading version of this gun was used in the U.S. Civil War primarily by the Confederacy against the North. So, this is a unique opportunity to know what it was like to fire such a rifle.




Antique Snider Rifle

Antique Snider

This Snider Mark II** rifle was made in 1868 and unleashes a cloud of smoke each time it launches a massive lead bullet. It is truly a memorable experience.

Ammunition Included:

  • 5 shots = .577 Snider
    • (additional shots = $5.00 each)
  • Please note that ammunition for this rifle is limited and may always not be available.


Also included at no extra cost with this package is:

  • Range Fee/Target
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • One on one time with Range Safety Officer/Instructor
  • All in price (insurance, cleaning fees etc.)

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