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Do you like Western movies? If so don’t miss out on a chance to fire some of the most well-known Western style guns while being just as far East as you can go in North America geographically! Available is a single action Ruger Vaquero (Spanish for Cowboy) pistol firing the legendary .45 (Long) Colt round introduced in 1873. There is nothing quite like launching those big .45 rounds from a pistol almost identical to what we all saw on the silver screen. Every Cowboy needs a rifle and here you also have your opportunity to fire the classic lever action .30-30 that has been so prolific through all North America.




Vaquero Six Shooter

Six Shooter

A true cowboy gun - the Ruger Vaquero (spanish for cowboy) combines the original Old West single-action look and feel with modern construction. Here is chance to fire a traditional western style pistol that is still so popular in Western movies.

Ammunition Included:

  • 6 shots = .45 Colt
    • (additional 6 shots = $15.00)


Marlin 30-30 Lever Action

Marlin 30-30

The lever action rifle is a famous repeating arm that uses a manually operated cocking lever located around the trigger guard area to feed/extract cartridges into/out of the barrel chamber and prepare the hammer for firing. It is regarded by many as the gun that won the west! The old .30-30 Winchester cartridge was first marketed in 1895.

Ammunition Included:

  • 5 shots = 7.62x54R
    • (additional 5 shots = $15.00)


Also included at no extra cost with this package is:

  • Range Fee/Target
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • One on one time with Range Safety Officer/Instructor
  • All in price (insurance, cleaning fees etc.)

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