Poetry - Aubrey Pearce



Sandy Cove
Sandy Cove in Elliston Bright In Summer is a lovely sight When western winds blow from the land People play there on the sand Men and women, and children too Spend many hours out in the blue They love with feelings of delight To battle within its waters bright. The waves that roll in from the sea Fall on the sand so gently That little children love to play Within its waters all the day And parents watch their antics there While lying on the sand so fair They love to lie there in the sun After their swimming hours are done. Built by nature and not by man A wall of stone keeps back the sand The sand so gentle to the feet To walk on it is quite a treat The sea there isn't very deep The sand don't hurt the tenderest feet A swimmer's joy in summer time The very best place one could find. The brook that wanders to the sea Pass through beautiful scenery With flowering shrubs of every heu And trees so tall obstruct the view People come from near and far Pedestrians and by motor car To stay awhile and enjoy the fun With others playing in the sun. There's many a trail between the trees Where lovers wander and the breeze Which blows so soft, perfume the air With scent of balsam everywhere People once tried to take the stone Which nature placed there on her own This would have been a big disgrace To ruin such a lovely place. There are lots of trout that one can hook Within the waters of the brook And berries grow profusely there The dewberry, and the squash so rare The raspberry and blueberry too Are sweetened by the morning dew Nature put forth a lavish hand To build a background for the sand. When Summer with her breezes mild Blow o'er the land, both man and child Love to return to this dear spot Which none have in the years forgot What say this place we now rename For it’s become a place of fame? I hope with me you'll all agree To christen it Happy Valley.


Aubrey Pearce (1894-1977) Maberly Resident


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