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The Elliston region is privileged to have so much of its history recorded in print. In fact, there have been several books that has been written about the community. All are available at the QEII Library of Memorial University of Newfoundland and other sources. Details on each follow:


Of Boats on the Collar: How It Was In One Newfoundland Fishing Community by Mrs. Hilda Chaulk Murray. It describes where the people lived in each section of the community, where their fishing rooms, homes, and gardens were, the early boats used in Elliston, the methods they used for catching cod, how the fish were handled in the stage and on the flake, the motorboats and their builders, the tools used in boatbuilding, and how boats were built.


A Measure of Success: The Story of Elliston by Mr. Neal K. Tucker. It is a revised second edition that updated his previous book to include a full 200 years (1806-2006) of Elliston/Maberly history.


The full book is available as follows:


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The "Timeline" section of this book (Chapter IX) ends at 2006 but has continued online on this website and can be viewed by Clicking Here


A Measure of Success: The Story of Elliston 1806-2003 by Mr. Neal K. Tucker. It provides details on the history of the Elliston/Maberly area from 1806-2003.


Elliston - The Story of a Newfoundland Outport by Mr. Doug Cole. It is collection of historical data pertaining to Elliston from the beginning to confederation with Canada.


A Pilgrimage of Faith : A History of the Methodist Church, 1814-1925 and the United Church of Canada, 1925-1990 by Mrs. Mildred Gough Winsor. It is collection of information pertaining to Elliston and the United Church.


The Families of Elliston by Mr. Doug Cole (not pictured above). It details all the family names of Elliston and here is a link The Families of Elliston.


More Than 50%: Woman's Life in a Newfoundland Outport Mrs. Hilda Chaulk Murray. This book provides an opinion on what what life was like in the communities of Elliston, Neck, and Maberly, during the period 1900-1950, with special emphasis on the role of women.


Wandering Thoughts and Solitary Hours (1846) Rev. Philip Tocque. This book was written by Rev. Tocque while he was stationed at Bird Island Cove (Elliston) in the 1830s.



Poetry of the Elliston/Maberly Region

As with local literature there is a great amount of poetry that both tells our history and provides an insight into our cultural heritage. Here are a few excerpts from three local people.


Mr. Aubrey Pearce (1894-1977)            Mr. Ross Pearce (1916-2001)            Mr. Clarence Goodland (1910-1980)
Maberly   A Surprising Fishing Trip   The Sealer's Life
Sandy Cove   Olden School Years   Days of the Sail and Oar
The Partridgeberry Ground        
The Hand-Line Fisherman        
An Act of Bravery        













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